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“I’ve known Margaret for more than a quarter of a century. I know what she stands for. She has a work ethic that is whatever it takes, she will do. She’s running for Town Council to represent you, the community. She’s respectful, she’s intelligent, she listens, she’s articulate, she’s financially savvy – you want all those things in your Los Gatos Council person.” 

- Mike Wasserman

Santa Clara County Supervisor and former Los Gatos Mayor


"Margaret has always impressed me as an astute businesswoman who has always showed a commitment to enhancing the vitality of businesses in Los Gatos. She has put that same energy into other community activities. Having her on Town Council will be an asset for those of us who live and work in Los Gatos." 

- Tina Orsi-Hartigan

Past Member, Los Gatos Union School District Board of Trustees


“Margaret is a natural leader. She knows how to bring people together and work for the common good. She has always been generous in sharing her experience and skills with others. I’m excited to see what great things she will accomplish on the Town Council.”

- Pete Jillo

Co-owner, Gardino’s Restaurant


“Margaret understands the importance of having a variety of businesses in order for our downtown to thrive. Retail, restaurants, personal service salons – we rely on one another to bring people to downtown and to encourage them to linger and enjoy all that we have to offer. Other cities are envious of our beautiful historic downtown, and I know Margaret will do all she can to preserve its special character.”

- Ross Hanson

Owner, Oak & Rye


“I love that Margaret recognizes the importance of our library to everyone in Los Gatos. We serve so many needs, and Margaret has consistently supported our efforts. She embodies the values that make Los Gatos such a special community for families, seniors, innovators and thinkers.”

- Sue Tuttle

Past Co-President,
Friends of Los Gatos Library


“Margaret is always willing to listen and be open to other viewpoints, and to use her business expertise to solve problems. I have seen first-hand her ability to use her collaborative skills to get all parties in a very difficult and complex issue come to a fair agreement. We need a listener and a collaborator with a strong business background on the Town Council.”

- Peter Hertan

Vice President, Los Gatos-Saratoga High School District Board of Trustees; Board of Directors, KCAT

“The best description of Margaret is ‘hard worker.’ She is willing to give it her all whether it is running a business as large as Domus, chairing the Planning Commission, or volunteering in local schools. She never says no to any need. We are supporting her for Town Council because she understands municipal government, is a good decision maker, and has a proven track record of devoting her time and talents to the betterment of Los Gatos.”

- Carol and Joe Hargett

Founders, Dolce Spazio

“I have listened to Margaret’s views and approach to governing the Town of Los Gatos, and feel she is the most qualified to get my vote.”

- Claudia Daemicke West

Los Gatos Resident

“I have known Margaret Smith for many years through her dedicated volunteering in our Los Gatos schools and beyond. She is a great asset to our town, and I absolutely support her for Town Council.”

- Dan Snyder

Los Gatos Resident

Thank you, Los Gatos residents, for your support!

Gary Allison
Pam Allison
Carol Anglin
Susan Boxer Glassman
Doug Brent
Donna Brewster
Stewart Brewster
Elizabeth Brown
Beverley Bryant
Kendra Burch
Eric Butterfield
Patricia Cauderhead
Yafonne M. Chen
S. Chou
Brian Conlisk
Julie Conlisk
Judy Cosgrove
Connie Dailey
Jane Decker
Karen Delaney
Kerri Dicicco
Matthew Dicicco
Ron Dickel
Marion Dickel
Liz Dodson
Lee Fagot
Rachel Fainstein
Garin Fainstein

Stuart Ferguson
Dr. Joseph Galli
Janice Galli
Anita Greenbank
Beryl Greenberg
Herm Greenberg
Tina Guisto
Mike Guisto
Gregory Hacker
Nancy Hacker
Ross Hanson
Carol Hargett
Joe Hargett
Peggy Heiman
Peter Hertan
Jane Hiatt
William Hirschman
Teri Hope
Cheryl Huddleston
Patricia Humecke
Bobbie Hutchinson
Judi Jessen
Teri Jetter
Pete Jillo
Kathy Kelley
Jack Kent
Terri Kent
Don Knight

Jonathan Knowles
Gary Kohlsaat
Kimberly Lafranconi
Joan Larson
Lori Lennox
Richard Lennox
Luke Lennox
Aelita Leto
Anthony Leto
Susan Linville
Linda Lowe
Dave Makarechian
Mary McCall
Donna McCurrie
Diane McNutt
Christine Minert
Brook Munguia
Ike Nassi
Ronee Nassi
Sue Neufeld
Tina Orsi Hartigan
Tracy Qui
Eric Rafia
Yassi Rafia
Cathy Raice
MarLyn Rasmussen
Ann Ravel
Sally Regan

William Regan
Kim Richman
Hal Rosen
Michael J. Santoro
Jan Schwartz
Dan Snyder
Mike Sprintz
Lynn Sullivan
Joanne Talisfore
Christian Tanimoto
Chris Terrell
Teri Terrell
Nicki Thomas, SNJM
Leah Toeniskoetter
Terri Trotter
Susan Tuttle
Irene Upson
Thomas Upson
Patti van der Burg
Jeremy Wang
Mike Wasserman
Bruce Weiner
Cathy Weiner
Deborah Weinstein
Claudia Weist
Elizabeth Zientek
Steve Zientek

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